Christ Episcopal Church

in Kent, Ohio



We’re glad you’ve taken the time to visit our website. This site provides information to the parish community, but more importantly, it provides a tool for introducing Christ Church to those who are interested in learning more about our parish life and ministry.

Christ Episcopal Church is located just outside of the beautiful downtown Kent. We are a dynamic, diverse and active community of people who come together to seek to know God, care for one another, and serve others locally and around the world. Our doors are open to Christians of all faiths and religious backgrounds. All are invited and welcome here.

Seeking a new church?

The reasons for seeking a new church are as varied as the life transitions that prompt them–a geographical move, a new job, a new marriage, the birth of a child, a health crisis, a divorce or death, a shift in career or retirement. Whatever has led you to Christ Church and wherever you are on your faith journey, we invite you to join us as we explore our place in the community and in our world. Please make yourself known to us when you visit.