Christ Episcopal Church

in Kent, Ohio

Sunday Play-by-Play

Typical Sunday Mornings

8:00 AM

A small group of people celebrate a quiet Holy Communion together and afterward join one another for a friendly coffee hour in the library.

9:00 AM

During the academic year (August through May), the choir begins rehearsal in the sanctuary for the 10:00 AM service.

9:45 AM

Members and visitors begin to arrive for the 10:00 AM service.

  • Greeters show them where to go and ushers hand them a service leaflet that includes all the words and music for the service

10:00 AM

  • The Music Director makes announcements about upcoming events and activities.

  • Everyone stands, and the priest calls them to worship.

  • In the first half of the service, we listen to scripture, hear a sermon, state our faith in the creed, pray for others, sing hymns and greet our neighbors.
  • In the second half of the service, we celebrate Holy Communion together with prayers and hymns.
During the academic year, the children arrive in the sanctuary after the sermon. They are welcome to:
  • Participate fully in the service;
  • Work on religious coloring pages on the children’s clipboards we provide;
  • Sit on the floor up front for a closer view;
  • Go down to the Nursery where they will be cared for by our year-round Nursery Attendant; or
  • Play quietly in the Soft Space at the back.
  • Afterword, everyone is welcome to enjoy coffee hour located in the fellowship hall on the lower level of the Church.

Atypical Sunday Mornings

Our special Sunday mornings include things like Easter activities, Advent and Christmas Activities, and animal friendly services! We also have special music events, like our Mountain Masses, Broadway Mass or U2charist.

Easter Activities

  • On the Sunday before Lent the children put away the alleluias, and on Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny brings them back. 
  • The Easter bunny visits on Easter Sunday
  • There is an Easter egg hunt for the children after service on Easter Sunday

Advent and Christmas Activities

  • Christmas outreach collection program to donate gifts to local agencies for families and individuals in need.
  • St. Nicholas visits in the season before Christmas.
  • We have a children's pageant on Christmas Eve. 
  • Candlelight Christmas services

Animal Friendly Activities

  • On the first Sunday in October, we invite all kinds of animals to join us for the 10:00 service in the sanctuary for the Blessing of the Animals. 
  • We even welcome your pet as a part of your marriage ceremony!