Christ Episcopal Church

in Kent, Ohio

Online and Phone-in Worship and Fellowship Opportunities

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Live Zoom Worship

Live worship returns to Christ Church on Sunday morning, beginning 5/17/20 online! Join us every other Sunday, on your computer or phone for Morning Prayer with music, homily, and announcements led by Mother Julie Fisher, Edward Grimes, and others each week! Arrive between 9:30 and 10:10 to visit and get tech support if needed, service begins at 10:10am. Due to security reasons, we cannot post the link online, but please email us for the link or phone number to join on your computer, smartphone, or telephone. See you soon!

Podcast: Radio Free Christ Church Kent Morning Prayer
Weekly short worship with announcements and special features, hosted by Mother Julie Fisher and Father Kip Colegrove. Click here for the link to this Sunday's edition! Follow along in your prayer book or just listen. Download a free Book of Common Prayer here

Zoom Video or Phone-In: Fellowship, Support and Discussion group on Sunday Mornings at 9:00 am (Eastern)
Weekly, hosted by Trudi. Choose video or phone. There will be a bible verse or a story that will be used as a starting point and then just let the conversation progress. The connection of being with one another and the reassurance that God is with all of us is what we are looking for. (visit first to download the free app).  Email us for a video or telephone link to access from your computer or mobile device.


Live-Streamed Worship from the Episcopal National Cathedral
in Washington DC at 11:15 am (Eastern)
Visit for the link to click.