Christ Episcopal Church

in Kent, Ohio

Music at Christ Church

The Psalmist tells us to “sing to the Lord a new song,” and instructs us to come into His presence with singing. At Christ Episcopal Church, we try to meet these commands by fostering a vibrant, moving and spiritual music program. Led by our organist, Choirmaster and Music Director, Edward Grimes, our choir leads the congregation in sacred music as a part of every 10 AM Sunday service during the school year.
It's difficult to describe a typical Sunday's musical offerings, due to their ever-changing nature, but the music used most Sundays is traditional choral music drawn from a varied and eclectic set of sources. The music is always carefully chosen to reflect and comment upon that week's Scriptural readings as well as its place in the church calendar.
Periodically, we break out of our standard practice to include non-Hymnal music in special musical services: 

  • Mountain Music Mass
  • Broadway Music Mass 
  • Gospel Blues Mass 
  • U2charist

These special events most often use the standard Episcopalian rites of worship as set forth in the Book of Common Prayer, but with the hymns replaced by music from other musical genres.
But no matter what genre, service or faith tradition our music emerges from, there is one constant: All the music in our church is intended to allow every person in the church to worship and acknowledge the glory of God. Members of our choir have said that singing this music has allowed them to more fully experience the presence of God in their lives, and the same is true for those of us who join in from the pews. Each Sunday we do, in fact, sing God's praises as best we can.