Christ Episcopal Church

in Kent, Ohio

LGBTQ Frequently Asked Questions

Members and leaders of our parish know how important it is for a church to be transparent on views toward the LGBTQ community.  Here are some of the common questions our members had before joining Christ Episcopal Church in Kent, Ohio.

Are LGBT people welcome at Christ Church?


Absolutely. We have many LGBT members. They are welcome to participate in all ministries of the church and have been elected to leadership positions in the parish. In addition, many of our members have LGBT friends and family members. You’ll find a warm welcome here.

Does the Episcopal Church allow LGBT people to be ordained?

Yes. There is complete equality in the ordination process in the Diocese of Ohio. Many clergy in this diocese are LGBT.

Can LGBT people be married in the church?


Yes! We are delighted to support LGBT couples seeking Christian marriage. Couples of all kinds are required to meet eligibility and preparation standards. You may learn more about it by contacting our priest.

What is your position on the bible and LGBT people?


The bible is not the sole source of authority in the Episcopal Church. Authority in the Episcopal Church is balanced between the bible, church tradition and human reason guided by the Holy Spirit. After deep study of scripture, we believe that certain bible laws reflect their cultural times, and that just as the Holy Spirit guided the early church to welcome both Jews and non-Jews as equals, He has also called us to do the same today for LGBT people.